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The Electronic Fish Finder of Marketing Agencies for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Good creative is good, but what’s great? Creative that works. It doesn’t matter if you love your web campaign. What matters is measuring your customers’ response to it and responding with agility.

Oh, that word!

We love great creative, but we’ve seen enough clever-but-ineffective web campaigns to know that creativity without content and metrics is a waste of clients’ money. Without a solid presence on the web, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube your company is chum. That’s why we are launching a strategic internet marketing agency—Agile T Marketing—to turn bottom feeders into sharks, using targeted content, smart data and focused research. We can point you in the right direction to find the fish. Then by tracking analytics we show you which channels help to bring in the big ones.

Data-driven and results-oriented, Agile T Marketing integrates print, direct mail, landing pages, social media (with a strong arm of useful content) to help our clients connect and re-connect with their sales pipeline.

We are senior, director-level marketing professionals with agency, nonprofit and client-side backgrounds and more than 25 years experience. We offer small to mid-size businesses resourceful, ingenious, and agile services at an affordable price.

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Our Team Members

Teresa Miller | Owner/Marketing Strategist

With a background in Communications, Marketing and Agile Development, Teresa founded Agile T Marketing to apply to marketing the agile principles of frequent, customer-concentric improvements with measurable results that focus on improving conversion rates. This approach maximizes the smaller budgets of the Small to Mid-Sized Businesses and Entrepreneurs that Agile T Marketing serves.

Alicia Sutfin | Account Manager

Like many of you, Alicia has an interest in seeing small to mid-sized businesses succeed. As a former business owner, she knows that success isn’t always measured in terms as simple as the bottom line. Detail-oriented and a “jack of all trades", Alicia brings organization and an overall understanding of business operations to each project.

Lukasz Wierzgon | Front / Back End Developer

With more than 10 years in web development, Lukasz started out as a front-end developer and his love of learning prompted him to master server-side languages. Graphic design for both digital and print projects is another area of expertise in which Lukasz consistently delivers high-quality work.

Jenny Black | Writer

With a conversational style, Jenny lends her writing expertise to all client projects. As a food blogger, she has experience with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Food Photography, and more! Having earned a Master's degree in English and experience as a writing center tutor, Jenny's writing is grammatically correct as it is engaging.

Lopamudra Chakrabarty | Data Management Specialist

With a proven ability to gather and manage information efficiently and precisely, Lopa often procures information from various MLS systems as well as a variety of other web resources. She is an expert in creating lists in excel, updating websites via Wordpress, and managing data in CRMs.

World-Wide Virtual Team

Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Voice Over Artists, Video Editors, Web Developers, Creative Writers, Data Managers, Telemarketers, Sales Personnel, Social Media Managers and more.

Why Agile T is the best choice in marketing your small to mid-sized business.

An approach to marketing that takes frequent, customer-centric actions that result in steady, measurable improvements that lead to higher rates of conversion.

Our industry experience includes:

  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Direct Sales
  • Software
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • B2B Services
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