Marketing Communications

Our One-Year Anniversary with a Store-Front Reflections on opening a marketing agency, with the specific goal of serving small, local businesses. With a master’s degree and more than 20 years’ experience in marketing communications, I had been successfully freelancing out of my home for four years. I’d often find clients throughout the U.S. by networking online, but slowly, I was making a name for myself in my local community as well. By taking on a couple of local clients and hiring a marketing assistant, I decided it was time to open a small office in town. So, we found a tiny[...]
Show Spirit for What You Love! Brand Name and Logo Development, eCommerce Website, Expo Show Flyer, and Business Cards Home-based business owner Greg Muscott, decided to sell his “Bling Wear” online after much success selling at local craft shows. We helped him rename his business and design a logo. We also helped him develop a product catalog, build an online store, and design, develop, and host his website. Bling embellished sweatshirts are very popular with sports fans. And, now through Spirit Bling Wear, they can order customized apparel with bling of their choosing online. Spirit Bling Wear also offers screen[...]
Social Media allows you to maintain a modern brand that is easily reachable by customers. Your business shows a more human side by giving it a voice, personality and responsiveness that is easy for people to engage with.   Tip Bit:     Before you post ANYTHING, re-read it out loud and make sure it’s something a real person would say.   Companies can either manage their Social Media themselves or hire a marketing company to do it for them. If you plan on going at it alone, you may want to consider the amount of time it takes to build[...]
Quality Content. Content is key. Quality content is the number one thing that makes people want to read your blog. Provide your readers with valuable information that will help them connect with you and your blog.