Making a Connection Organically

Social Media allows you to maintain a modern brand that is easily reachable by customers. Your business shows a more human side by giving it a voice, personality and responsiveness that is easy for people to engage with.


Tip Bit:     Before you post ANYTHING, re-read it out loud and make sure it’s something a real person would say.


Companies can either manage their Social Media themselves or hire a marketing company to do it for them. If you plan on going at it alone, you may want to consider the amount of time it takes to build relationships with your followers and customers. It is not something that happens quickly, even if you do plan on advertising. Getting an organic reach sometimes takes talent and natural instinct.  Some people have it and some people don’t. As a business owner, it will be your job to find the person that best reflects how you want people to “see” your company.


Tip Bit:     You have to realize, your fans own your brand. It is OK to drive people to your site, they will bring even more people down the road.


Hiring professionals to maintain Social Media for you is a smart choice, especially for busy business owners who are unable to commit a lengthy amount of time to the daily upkeep of posting. Be sure you find a professional that emulates your brand, for whomever is hired will show through in their voice and responsiveness. You will be required to work closely with this person, to ensure your brand message is being displayed accurately and appropriately on a daily basis.


Tip Bit:     Engagement people!…ALWAYS write back, be clever, update-update-update, do not “fake it”, never talk down to ANYONE and “hug” negativity with a virtual smile.


Your Social Media Manager and you would likely devise a plan based on representing your business, according to your brand. The person you choose will essentially become your brand and it will allow you more time to focus on running the business. Once they learn exactly what you, your followers and your customers “like”, they will be responsible for the growth and overall success of a larger organic reach; which should only improve the amount of traffic flowing in and directly to your website.


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