Mass Texting Done Right – the First Time!

Mass Texting Campaigns can be a brand-boosting method when used appropriately. We advise careful measures to keep your customers happy and to avoid hefty fines.

Maximize success by educating yourself and your employees with the laws of SMS Texting Campaigns in your specific state. Set up guidelines for precautionary steps to follow before your campaign. This will ensure the protection of your business from being charged unnecessary fees and facing potential lawsuits.

Clearly communicate to your customers that they are receiving exactly what they signed up for with a text. Something like, “Thank you for signing up for our special offers”, followed by a special offer, is a good way to reiterate that they requested the contact. As a courtesy and to be respectful, be clear about the amount of messages your customers will receive and provide them with instructions to opt out, such as “Receive 3-4 messages per month, data or sms rates may apply, please text STOP to cancel.”

Important factors, such as the frequency of messages going out and a short disclaimer is another good way to add a trust factor to the campaign you are running. We all know you are excited to share your special offers and promotions with the world and an added disclaimer may dampen your style, but it is important to include this step.

Getting permission is crucial to avoid annoying your customers with law-breaking spam. So, let’s clarify the whole permission aspect. If you are uploading names and addresses to a database of any sort with plans on future communication, it is imperative to have gained written permission from all of those people. Another form of permission would be to gather subscribers electronically. If you have people opt in by texting a keyword to your shortcode, you will have gained all necessary permissions required to proceed with your SMS campaign.

Other important factors to consider for a successful SMS campaign include the time of day messages are sent and the language expressed when conveying messages. Part of being courteous to customers is making sure messages are received during normal business hours. Nobody wants to be woken up out of a deep sleep to find out that they can receive something for free, when the actual store isn’t even open.

Another frustrating experience is receiving information that you may not understand clearly. It may seem “tech-savvy” or money saving to shorten words into “text-talk”, however this could have an adverse affect on your campaign. Using acronyms or made up versions of “wds” can be very difficult for others to decipher. These are not vanity plates people! These are your special offers and promotions, spell them out.

Lastly, provide value through your campaign. Customers are sharing their personal information with you. Make it worth it. If not, they will drop you like a hot plate, so make sure you are offering something great. You have a real opportunity to offer at least four different promotions each month. Use it to figure out which offers your customers like best and try to have fun with all of it.

From our business to yours, we hope that your SMS Campaigns goes off without a hitch and have all the professional qualities we discussed. Happy Texting to all and to all a good night!


Content Source: 8 Best Practices For Text Message Marketing (Infographic) By: Graham Winfrey



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