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Our One-Year Anniversary with a Store-Front Reflections on opening a marketing agency, with the specific goal of serving small, local businesses. With a master’s degree and more than 20 years’ experience in marketing communications, I had been successfully freelancing out of my home for four years. I’d often find clients throughout the U.S. by networking online, but slowly, I was making a name for myself in my local community as well. By taking on a couple of local clients and hiring a marketing assistant, I decided it was time to open a small office in town. So, we found a tiny[...]
Mass Texting Campaigns can be a brand-boosting method when used appropriately. We advise careful measures to keep your customers happy and to avoid hefty fines. Maximize success by educating yourself and your employees with the laws of SMS Texting Campaigns in your specific state. Set up guidelines for precautionary steps to follow before your campaign. This will ensure the protection of your business from being charged unnecessary fees and facing potential lawsuits. Clearly communicate to your customers that they are receiving exactly what they signed up for with a text. Something like, “Thank you for signing up for our special[...]