Top 5 Tips for a Larger Blog Audience

    1. Quality Content.

Content is key. Quality content is the number one thing that makes people want to read your blog. Provide your readers with valuable information that will help them connect with you and your blog. No matter what you blog is about; creating quality content that is informative, interesting, & valuable to your readers is step one of bringing people to your website. Along with content, be sure you are posting regularly. Create a schedule so your readers become accustom to the way your blog works & how often you post. They will come back to check for new content from you if you keep it interesting, fun, & relevant.

    1. Get featured.

Getting featured takes time and is a very broad category, but it’s quite simple to get your name out there. Whether you submit your work to certain websites, magazines, or blogs that are relevant to what you write about, get your work out there for others to see. By getting featured you are allowing a bigger audience to see your work & discover your blog. This may take a lot of time, but in the long run it’s worth it. Build relationships with other bloggers, brands, companies, and magazines, to establish yourself in the blogging community. And that, my friends, will benefit you and others.

    1. SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that directly affects how your company’s website and online assets get discovered organically. Little things like titling your posts to relevancy of what your post is about, downloading a SEO widget for your blog, re-naming your photos with titles, & using keywords can help boost your google referrals to your blog & possibly gain new readers. Part of SEO also goes back to number one, creating quality content. Google is watching you & Google knows when you are creating valuable content that readers find interesting & useful. Quality content ranks you higher with Google & that’s always a good thing for a blogger!

    1. Social Media.

Social media is HUGE! Utilizing social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus will keep you connected with your readers by letting them know when you post new content. Also social media allows you to have a relationship with your readers, brands, & other bloggers by opening up a line of direct communication with them. Set up social media accounts for your blog & update them often with key content that is relevant to your blog. Be sure to interact & respond to questions or comments from your readers, whether they are positive or negative, reply to everyone! Limit your use of : ) and emoticons, these can convey an image that could be disillusioned or misinterpreted if the reader doesn’t know you personally. Keep the content on your social media relevant & held to the same quality you want on your blog because your social media outlets represent your blog and who you are as a professional.

    1. Professionalism.

Holding yourself to a high standard of professionalism encourages people to hold you up to that same standard. You are a constant advertisement for your blog & everything you do and say reflects your image. Creating quality content that reflects who you are & what you want your blog to stand for is the incentive that should drive you everyday when you start writing. By holding yourself to a higher standard you make people loyal and they will keep returning to your blog on a regular basis. Encourage them to share your blog with others, this will definitely assure you more readers and long term followers.

In conclusion, answering comments, responding to readers, writing about what you love, offering up valuable information that is trending and being social are all the keys to a blogging success. If you stick to content that is based off of these concepts, your blog is sure to thrive & grow. Have fun & enjoy your blog, it will come through in everything that you write. Always remember why it is you wanted to start blogging in the first place, so you can enjoy every moment of it. Stay passionate by not taking it too seriously, it’s important to just be you.

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